Friday, December 9, 2011

On Drive Thru Delores....

The second installment of my People Who Annoy me series concerns Drive Thru Delores. 

One of the most annoying parts of the drive-thru experience is when you get behind Drive thru Delores.  How do you know if you're behind her?  Drive thru Delores exhibits 2 or more the following traits:

1.  She has up to 15 different orders.
2.  She has to ask every person in the car what they want, but not a moment before hearing the words "welcome to McDonald's, may I take your order please?"  Planning ahead and asking everyone what they want before hearing the voice from the magic box is simply not an option.
3.  When window #1 opens and the cashier tells them their total they exhibit shock that they're being asked for money and only when the shock wears off do they begin to rummage through their purse for money.  They bypass the $20 that would cover the whole meal and instead search that saddlebag of a purse until they find the exact change.
4.  While waiting at window #2 they become so engrossed in conversation with their passenger, or in reaching behind the seats to smack their kids, that they fail to notice the cashier with their order.  The cashier has to bang on their window to get their attention.
5.  Upon receiving their order, they have to put their change away neatly, put the straw in their drink, reach back behind them and hand food to the kid they were just trying to smack, fasten their seat belt, wash, blow dry and comb their hair and adjust their mirror before they pull out. 

I've been behind some people for so long after they received their food that I was a mere seconds away from calling an ambulance because I thought they had passed over to the other side. Drive Thru Delores is closely related to Parking Lot Polly who, despite knowing that there's a Parking Shark behind them, still insists upon doing a complex fifteen minute ritual before finally pulling out and relieving the traffic jam created by Parking Shark.

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