Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On political correctness....

It's sad that people in this country are afraid to say what's on their mind and have opinions.  If you don't support the policies of president Obama or are for tougher immigration laws you're a racist.  If you're against "the war" then you're anti-American or anti-military; the list goes on and on.  Just when you think that some public figure is about to stand up and thumb their noses at political correctness they hold a press conference or issue a statement crawfishing and apologizing for their statements.  When they do that they just lose credibility and respect.  Just once I would like for someone to stand behind what they said and tell anyone that attacks them to go to hell.  Or if they feel compelled to apologize because they hurt someones tender feelings, they should tell those people that they're sorry that they're crybabies.

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