Friday, October 28, 2011

On blogging....

I've really enjoyed doing this blog and already have the next 11 weekly articles written and auto-scheduled to post.  So if I were hit by a meteorite right now, those of you reading this would continue to hear from me for another 11 weeks. That has to make you extremely happy.  If you read one of my posts that says something like "yesterday I saw...", keep in mind that the yesterday to which I refer may have happened 11 or 12 weeks before the article was published.

I would continue to write articles for this blog even if I was the only one reading them because I've really missed writing.  When I was a little younger I thought that I might like to make my living as a writer.  In my early twenties I actually started to write a book and had probably a hundred pages written.  Right after I got out of the Navy I had an offer from The Sand Mountain Reporter to be a beat report, but by the time the offer came I had a job working with kids that I really loved. 

Sometimes I regret not taking that job because I would have enjoyed it and who knows what it might had led to.  But things happen for a reason and all in all I'm pretty satisfied with the way that things have turned out.  Who knows, maybe this blog will inspire me to start on that novel again.

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